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About this service

  • Who we are? is brought to you by Tirlán Limited on behalf of hard – working enthusiastic network of milkmen and women around Ireland.

  • What is the service?

    It’s a recurring fresh milk delivery service direct to your door approximately 3 times a week. Enter your address to find the local milkman or women in your area, set up your account online, and 2-3 days per week you will receive fresh milk and more delivered to your door.

  • How do I know if there is a milkman in the area?

    We’ve hundreds of milkmen and women delivering milk throughout the country. Simply input your address on the homepage and we’ll find the local milkman or woman in your area. You will also be able to see the pricing and products the local milkman / woman carry. Some of our milkmen and women do not use just yet, which means that the online payment functionality is not available to you but can still have fresh milk delivered to your door. The milkman or woman can help to facilitate cash payments instead. Simply complete the form and we will contact you to provide you with the details of your milkman.

  • How much does the service cost?

    The cost of milk may vary slightly between the various milkmen and women. Most milkmen and women aim to keep the pricing in line with your local corner shop. A small delivery fee may also apply depending on your milkman. Once you are matched to the local milkman / woman in your area you will be able to view all pricing / delivery charges.

  • What are the delivery times / days?

    Milkmen and women typically deliver before breakfast, about 3 times per week. However the days and times of milk deliveries are specific to your local milkman or woman. Once you enter your address the delivery days should be displayed to you.

  • Do you just deliver milk / What can I order?

    Your milkman will deliver products from their own unique list. In general, most milkmen and women deliver milk, eggs, juice, butter, cream, cheese & yogurts. When you are matched to your local milkman you can browse his or her unique range of products.

  • Are there any minimum quantities?

    There is no minimum order quantity or value. However, we recommend this service works best for people / families that use at least 3 Litres of milk a week.

  • When do I receive my first order?

    When you set up your account, the request goes to the milkman to select your first delivery date. Once he or she selects the start date you will receive an email with the details of your first delivery


  • How am I billed?

    We deliver to you, and you pay after. Each week your milkman or woman will send you your weekly bill. Online payment will be processed between 24/48hours after you receive this bill. Alternatively, if your milkman or woman is not on, they will contact you directly regarding cash payment. This cash collection option varies from one milkman to the next, so it is best to check with your local milkman or woman directly regarding cash collection.

  • How often do I get billed?

    You will receive a bill via email once a week. If you are paying cash, most milkmen or women will issue you with a bill when collecting cash. If you do require different billing terms, you can discuss this directly with your milkman or woman.

  • What cards are accepted on

    You can use Laser, Visa Debit and Credit Cards. All payments on our site are safe and secure to the highest standard via Global Payments (

  • What happens if my card fails?

    If your payment fails you will receive an email letting you know that the payment has failed and the amount due will rollover in to the next billing week.

  • What happens if my card expires?

    To update your card, simply log in to your account, go to My Account and in the Account Details section , click on payment method. You will be notified in advance that your card is about to expire, so you will get the chance to update your card details. However, if you don’t update your details in advance, the payment will fail and roll in to the following week.

  • Why am I being asked to ‘authenticate’ my credit / debit card?

    A new EU Directive PSD2 has been introduced to improve credit/ debit card security, and reduce card fraud. As part of this directive, banks are being advised to conduct a ‘Secure Customer Authentication’ (SCA) step on electronic card transactions. This is effectively an extra security (authentication) step that will ensure the legal card holder is the person initiating the transaction.
    With, we deliver first, and you are charged after we deliver. The payment is processed as a recurring order, and the value is amended each week as you change or pause your order. However, to set your card up initially, or update your card details, your own bank still needs to authenticate your card, and ensure you are the legal card holder.
    The process is straightforward. When setting up a card on, or updating your card details, as you are not making a payment at that moment in time, your own bank will complete the (SCA) authentication step with a zero value (€0.00) transaction – that is, you won’t be charged anything. Once you have authenticated the card details via this zero value (€0.00) transaction, you are set up, and ready to avail of the service. You will only be charged after your deliveries. All payment details are securely encrypted and stored with Global Payments.
    To read more about PSD2, please see the Central Bank of Ireland’s website

  • What do I need to do to authenticate my card?

    For initial background, please read the question ‘Why am I being asked to ‘authenticate’ my credit/debit card?’ in this Billing FAQ section.
    Once you have inputted your card details to, your own bank will prompt a €0.00 value ‘authentication’ step – and you will be presented with your own banks authentication process, for you to complete. Each bank has a different authentication process – and the steps may depend on how you have set up the authentication process with your own bank – therefore the following are general guidelines that you may find helpful.
    You may be asked to authenticate the €0.00 payment by doing one of the following

    Complete the authentication in your banking app (if you are an active banking app user). Once you input the card details, your bank may send a push notification to bring you directly to your banking app page to authenticate. To ensure you get the push notification, make sure that you have push notifications enabled for your banking app.

    Enter a one time password / code on the autentication page, that will be sent to your phone number or email address.

    If you don’t currently have any means to authenticate the payment, or if you are seeing any error message, please call the customer service team on the phone number below for advice (please note we cannot process any card transaction on a customer’s behalf, as the consumer must authenticate themselves – however the team may be able to offer some useful tips or next

    1800 945 914.

    Our Team is available to speak with you between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday*

    *Excludes bank holidays

    Please note that if you are having issues authenticating, you will probably need to contact your bank and ask them to setup the authetication.

My Orders

  • Can I change my order?

    Yes you can change your order up until 9pm the day before delivery is due. Please note that while your milkman will always try to accommodate all changes there may be instances when this is not possible. But we always aim to do our very best to fulfil your order.

  • I am going on holidays / would like to pause my order

    You can pause your order up until 9pm the day before delivery is due. Simply log in to your account and go to my orders, select the date you want your pause to start and end, and click confirm. You are able to pause your account for a maximum of 4 weeks. If you wish to pause your account for longer than 4 weeks you will be prompted to contact customer service team, who will process the pause on your behalf.

    You will be sent an email notification to confirm you have paused your order successfully and you will receive an SMS the day before your delivery is due to resume.

  • I am moving house

    If you are moving house, simply log in, and select ‘my account’. You will need to select ‘close your account’. You will receive a call from a member of the team and they will be happy to take your new address and see if we have a milkman or woman in the area and transfer your account across.

  • Update Contact Details

    You can change your name and email address by simply logging in to your account and updating the’ Contact Details’ in the ‘My details’ section in your account. If you wish to change your address you can request the change in the ‘Delivery Address’ section of the ‘My details’ area in your account. This will not happen immediately because your delivery is linked to your local milkman. Depending on your new address you made need to change milkman or woman, but we will be in contact with you in relation to this.

  • How do I cancel the milk delivery service?

    To cancel your delivery permanently, log in to your account, select My Account and in the security section select Close Account. Follow the steps outlined to cancel the milk delivery service.

  • My order wasn’t delivered – What happens now

    If your order hasn’t been delivered, please contact your milkman directly. His / her contact details can be found in the Your milkman section within your account.

About the Milkman

  • I have a milkman already

    If you have a milkman and are getting weekly deliveries you can see if your milkman is using by entering your address on the homepage. If your milkman is using you will be asked to confirm your contact details and order to set up your account.


  • I entered my details and haven’t heard back

    Send us an email to our customer service department at and they will respond to you

  • I forgot my password / can’t log in

    Simply click the ‘Forgot Password’ link underneath the password box, enter your email address and we will send you an email to reset your password.

  • I want to get in contact with my milkman

    You can email or text your milkman. Simply log in to your account and on the ‘Overview’ you will see a link to the Milkman’s details underneath his photo. Alternatively, in ‘My Account’, you will see a section called ‘Milkman details’.

  • Will you substitute a product?

    On occasions, if we don’t have your requested item we will always do our best to substitute the product with a good alternative.

  • I have a service or quality issue

    If you have a problem with your service or a products quality , please contact your local milkman or woman. Alternatively you can contact us at

  • Why can’t I get some of the products displayed on the website?

    Each of our milkman carry their own unique range of products. If you are interested in ordering a product regularly and it is displayed on the products page of the website, but it is not available to order in your account, please contact your milkman directly and he can add it to his product list for you.